wiring up

December 28th, 2007

Well, I don’t know what, exactly, is going on, but for a couple of days now there’ve been random drilling sounds at random times in our building. Of course, I just assumed somebody was renovating. But there’ve also been workers running around with what looked like “electrical boxes”- you know, big steel boxes of the kind that hold electrical equipment and get bolted to apartment building walls. Well, today they’re stringing up wires through our neighbourhood, and a new box appeared in our stairwell with words like “broadband netcom” emblazoned across its front.

So hopefully all this drilling and wiring will turn into increased internet capacity. I mean, I’m quite satisfied with what we’ve got, but that’s largely because I don’t bother with things like radio or video or streaming sports events live…. unlike some of my less satisfied colleagues. One of whom fondly remembers his days freezing his arse off in Harbin, where he could watch all the football he wanted live online. And I have to say that our internet hasn’t been performing so well lately. Not too bad, considering, but still, not as good as it was. And it would be nice to have the kind of bandwidth that would allow me to, for example, watch the All Blacks without having to go to the Den. Of course, unless they change the pricing scheme, that kind of thing would still be just a tad too expensive, but still, it’d be nice to have that option.

2 Responses to “wiring up”

  1. Paul Spence Says:

    That’s ironic. It’s been years and we are still waiting for proper broadband in New Zealand. Haha!

  2. wangbo Says:

    Yeah, when I read the news from home I get the feeling I’m better off here in China, at least from a technology point of view, even with the Great Firewall and censorship.