May 29th, 2008




Fengtai netbars to implement electronic real name registration next month


proclaims 京报网.


And how many times has such a proclamation been made, only to never be realised? We’ll see:

京报网讯(记者孙颖 通讯员温庆义 赵智和)丰台区辖区内的137家网吧月底前将安装网吧经营管理系统,从6月份开始全部实现电子实名登记,如网吧允许未成年人上网,系统可第一时间发现并及时予以查处。


Jingbaowang reports (reporter Sun Ying, copyeditors Wen Qingyi, Zhao Zhihe) The 137 netbars within Fengtai District’s administrative area will install a netbar business management system by the end of the month, and starting from June will all implement electronic real name registration. If a netbar allows a minor to get online, the system can promptly investigate and prosecute the case as soon as it is discovered.


这套网吧经营管理系统与丰台区文化行政执法队的系统联网,分为网吧平台和监管平台。网吧平台的主要功能是在网吧场所端实现电子实名登记上网,监管平台的主 要功能是运用信息技术为行政执法提供技术手段,为监管决策提供数字依据,如未成年人上网,系统可第一时间发现并及时予以查处。


This netbar business management system is networked with the Fengtai District Cultural Administration Law Enforcement Team’s system, split between the netbar platform and the supervision platform. The main function of the netbar platform is the implementation of electronic real name registration at the netbar end, while the main function of the supervision platform is to use information technology to supply technological methods for administration and law enforcement, to supply a digital basis for policy decisions, so that if a minor gets online, the system can promptly investigate and prosecute the case as soon as it is discovered.


I dunno, this whole thing seems very confused to me, especially that second paragraph which is supposed to tell us what the system does and why. I’m not sure it tells us much of anything, or if anybody knows what it was actually supposed to tell us.


And what is 第一时间发现 doing in there? Twice? “The first time it is discovered”? Something tells me it should say “as soon as it is discovered. Problem solved. Arctosia, in his comment, confirms my suspicion that it should have been “as soon as it is discovered”. Translation amended. Thanks Arctosia.


2 Responses to “oh?”

  1. Arctosia Says:

    第一时间 actually means “as soon as sth’s happened”. In the last paragraph it is referring to “if a minor gets online.” So the net cafe owner have no time to run:)

  2. wangbo Says:

    Aha, thanks for that. I suspected that was what it meant, that’s what the context seemd to imply, but I couldn’t any resource to back me up on that.