another quick test

November 5th, 2007


7 Responses to “another quick test”

  1. John Says:

    Again, there are Chinese characters in the entry. Unfortunately, there are none in the sidebar. That’s still full of gibberish.

  2. wangbo Says:

    Yeah, looks like I’ll have to fix that manually. Haven’t had time to do that yet, though. And I guess I’m just going to have to write off any Chinese in previous posts. It’ll take too long to redo all that manually.

  3. John Says:

    It ought to be the ISP who sorts it out. After all, unless you’re sans font to render characters, there’s no good reason why current browsers shouldn’t display them.

  4. Ji Village News Says:

    Not too sure how to fix this. It probably has something to do with encoding. I wonder if the sidebar is set in a different encoding than the main page’s UTF-8.

  5. wangbo Says:

    John: I don’t see how the ISP is involved. It seems that something got accidentally broken during the Blogtown upgrade. It seems as if things are being repaired, but I still have to sit down and fix up the sidebar.

    Ji Village News: I have even less ideas than you about what caused the problem or how to solve it. When I get time (I have a pretty full classload today) I’ll sit down and fix the sidebar manually, that should help, and I’ll see what else I can do based on the help and info I’m getting from the Blogtown owner.

  6. John Says:

    Sorry, I didn’t mean the ISP, but rather blogtown. A little inadvertent semantic extension.

  7. wangbo Says:

    And the good news is blogtown has been working on it. Now, I must get on to fixing that sidebar…