According to this report the fake baozi were faked.

Last month Beijing Television hired a hidden camera to “reveal” the making of the cardboard baozi allegedly sold in Beijing’s Chaoyang District.

The footage showed a man and his assistants mixing together 60 percent cardboard with 40 percent fatty meat to make baozi fillings.  This supposedly fooled average buyers, who were said to be unable to taste the difference. This shocking report was quickly scooped up by various Chinese and international media. Even China Central Television aired the program nationwide last Thursday.

But the television station announced yesterday that the story was completely fabricated. They also apologized to the general public.

After the program was aired, the statement said, the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce and Municipal Food Safety Department immediately sent investigators to thoroughly inspect and examine the city’s breakfast market. They never found any proof to support the shocking story and the existence of the cardboard baozi. Later Beijing municipal police joined in the investigation and discerned the truth on July 16.

So even the fakes are fake? We can eat baozi again?

2 Responses to “so now even the fakes are fake?”

  1. Micah Says:

    When I first saw the news reports on TV, my impression was that the “secret footage” was waaaay to clean and clear to be real, so if the fake baozi turn out to be fake then color me not surprised. But man, what a stupid way to check the story. I can’t imagine the fake baozi will be reappearing any time soon (but possibly later).

  2. wangbo Says:

    I didn’t see any footage, so I had no idea. And I almost never eat baozi, anyway, so I can’t tell you whether or not I’d know the difference. Anyway, it’s hardly the first time a journalist has been caught making shit up, either in China or in the big wide world, so it’s no surprise. I’m just trying to figure out what kind of a state we’re in when even the fakes are being faked.

    And yes, absolutely, a very stupid way to check the story. It took the authorities to investigate the report to show BTV up as the fools they are. Damn, woulda thought the TV producers would be able to spot fake footage.