August 4th, 2013

And thanks to The Beijing News’ Weibo account, here’s AQSIQ’s press release naming the four companies in China that imported Fonterra’s botulinum-contaminated whey protein. They are:

  • Hangzhou Wahaha Health Food Co. Ltd and Hangzhou Wahaha Import-Export Co. Ltd (I had a bit of trouble finding official English names, but Wahaha Group is here), who together imported 14.475 tons of whey protein.
  • Shanghai Tangjiu (Group) Co. Ltd, who imported 4.8 tons.
  • Dumex, which doesn’t seem to have an English page, who imported 208.55 tons

So, three Chinese companies, two of which are part of the same group, and a multi-national of Southeast Asian origin now apparently owned by Danone (and that is a really pathetic Wikipedia article), a French company that had a joint venture with Wahaha. Not that any of that is relevant, I was just amused by the coincidence.

The AQSIQ release also says:


The above importing companies have already taken measures to trace and recall the affected products.

Well, I’ve already seen an official notice from Dumex posted to Weibo stating which products are recalled, but I can’t see any similar notice on the Shanghai Tangjiu or Wahaha sites. So I guess for the time being we should avoid Wahaha and Shanghai Tangjiu dairy products and sports drinks and anything else that may contain the contaminated whey protein.

And now I see Russia has banned all Fonterra products. Now that’s quite a spectacular overreaction.


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