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November 10th, 2012

Mr Martinsen did the obvious and found the Ioland website. Why it never occurred to me to google Ioland even though I knew it was East Tree’s trading name I don’t know, but never mind… It states very clearly:

All the products are manufactured strictly under every single infant food safety standard in New Zealand by Sutton Group New Zealand.

On its Strategic Partner page it has a brief introduction of Sutton Group, placing it in Airport Oaks and with a picture that would seem to be taken from Sutton Group’s homepage, but I can not find any mention of East Tree or Ioland on Sutton Group’s (rather uninformative) website. They do have a ‘contact us’ page, perhaps I could try asking them…

I note that a Sutton Group of New Zealand has previously been caught exporting substandard infant formula to China, with that previous incident also involving iodine levels.

Ioland also claims:

As a registered dairy maker in Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) and New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA), the products of this expert team are now distributed to global customers across Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania.

Great. But is it a registered dairy exporter? Because my understanding is that is the status required to legally export dairy products from New Zealand. Well, they do also have a ‘contact us’ page, so I guess I could ask them too, but…

…The address listed on Ioland’s website, whether the Chinese- or English-language versions, are for Ningbo, Zhejiang, China, and not the Auckland, New Zealand address for East Tree International Trading Limited that the Companies Office says uses the Ioland trading name. Well, I guess I could ask them about that, too…

I do notice, though, that although Ioland does use the same Chinese name for its products, 奥兰,  as that which has had 26 tons of infant formula recalled over iodine levels, I do not see that really weird seeming English name Orkloland that I found yesterday. But I’m struggling to find a “超级金装” on Ioland’s products page.

And I have one more question: If they’re so keen to play up the “made in New Zealand” angle and have a silver fern logo in the bottom left corner of every page on their site,

why the hell do they have an Australian flag next to the Chinese flag on their website?!

Just for the record: Yes the Aussie and Kiwi flags are similar, but the New Zealand flag has four five-pointed red stars with white borders. The Australian flag has six seven-pointed stars of varying sizes, all of which are white.

3 Responses to “more on Ioland”

  1. jdmartinsen Says:

    And apparently that’s Roger Federer having a grand old time milking a cow in one of the front page photos.

  2. Chris_Waugh Says:

    It’s not just the photos that are odd – and yeah, I doubt you’d find many Kiwi farmers milking the old fashioned way – but also the claim on the Chinese version of their site that “IOLAND婴幼儿配方奶粉以新西兰优质高山牧场奶源为原料”. Last I checked, dairy farms tended to be in lowland areas. High mountains tend to be the traditional province of sheep, and then only seasonally. Take the two big traditional dairy farming provinces as examples: Waikato is a very low-lying area whose hills struggle to reach mountain status, and although Taranaki has a big volcano in the middle, its slopes are forested and the province’s farms are on the plain surrounding the mountain. So I don’t know where they’re finding their 高山牧场奶源. But I haven’t spent much time in NZ the last 13-odd years, so who knows, maybe it’s all completely changed and the cows now graze the snowcap of Mt Ruapehu and drink from the crater lake?

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