Southern Metropolis Daily is reporting that too many people are donating money to the Chinese Red Cross online, causing their website to crash.

捐款挤瘫网络 选择其他方式捐款

Donations freeze the net. Choose other methods to donate.


Yesterday the website of the Chinese Red Cross Society and Chinese Red Cross Foundation was frozen by the sheer number of people donating money. Related persons suggest choosing other methods to donate money.


The Chinese Red Cross Society and Chinese Red Cross Foundation started an disaster-relief fundraising activity on the evening of the 12th, receiving an energetic response from every sector of society. Workers said that yesterday the two big websites had been paralysed, “There were too many donors.” A worker at the Chinese Red Cross Foundation called on enthusiastic people to choose other ways to donate or get online in off-peak periods.


At around 1 yesterday afternoon, city resident [Guangzhou?] Mr Deng planned to donate money through the donation page set up at Taobao by Jet Li’s One Foundation. One Foundation’s marketing department said in the past 24 hours 8.2 million yuan had already been collected, and because there were so many donors, causing the internet to slow down, asked city residents wishing to donate money to wait patiently.


In addition, the Chinese Red Cross Society reminds the public to never trust individuals soliciting donations. Up till 2pm on the 13th, the Chinese Red Cross Foundation had already received over 67 million yuan in donations, the biggest company donation being China Life’s 16 million yuan.

This is followed with a list of ways to donate, but that’s been done by others, so I won’t reproduce it here.

I should also note that it took three attempts over the course of writing this post to open the Chinese Red Cross homepage. Guess they’re still getting a lot of traffic.

Our local neighbourhood committee has a donation desk set up at the neighbourhood vehicle gate during office hours and they seem to be getting a steady stream of donors. There are also posters up around the neighbourhood and on campus advertising times and places to donate money and blood. This afternoon one of the class monitors was collecting donations from the students at the start of class. It’s good to see the whole country getting behind the relief efforts.

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