more snow

February 19th, 2009

There’s something oddly pleasant about this article’s headline:


Snow passes, sun rises, wind comes, temperature drops

Well, it has a more pleasant symmetry in Chinese… And we could all live without the “temperature drops” bit.

Still, it’s not too stiff a temperature drop, with the low forecast at minus 3 celsius. That’s not too bad. And so far the clearing skies and winds of Force 4 or 5 have failed to materialise, so maybe it won’t get that cold after all. And it does end on a positive note:


Meteorologists said that this snowfall would definitely help further reduce the fire danger, clean and moisten the air, lessen respiratory diseases, increase soil moisture content in Beijing’s suburban rural areas, and alleviate the drought.

Then it goes off onto some related article that I just can’t be arsed reading.

6 Responses to “more snow”

  1. Carl Says:

    I wish it would warm up, I’m not built for this type of weather. I do enjoy the fresh air though ^_^

  2. wangbo Says:

    Yes, but early spring… I’m afraid we can expect the temperature to bounce up and down for a while yet before it settles on continual warming. And of course, the winds will start picking up any time now, and you know what those spring norwesters mean.

    As for fresh air, it was good while it lasted, but a souwester is only going to bring the airborne crud up from Shijiazhuang. Still, could be worse, could be a soueaster bringing Tianjin’s muck.

  3. Carl Says:

    I’m in one of the more heavily polluted area’s of Tianjin right now, so anything will be better than this, I’m moving up to Beijing in August. I’ve only been in the area since November, this is all new to me… I’m used to the fresh air of the U.S. Northwest

  4. wangbo Says:

    Sorry, Carl, I shouldn’t go making assumptions like that. You should expect the next month or two to feature frequent strong, cool norwesterly winds which may well bring duststorms. Towards the end of April the winds will start to settle and for a short time the temperature will be quite pleasant. From about mid-June the humidity will start to rise. July and August will be horrible, sticky heat broken only by rain or the very rare norwesterly breeze. North China’s climate is not the most comfortable.

  5. Carl Says:

    Sandstorms eh? I could do with out that again, but it’s probably not on the same level a the fertile crescent I’m assuming! I could do with some hot weather, I plan on staying in China and have a warmer retirement plan in mind than Beijing. How long have you been in this area? I can only guess more than 3 years?

  6. wangbo Says:

    The Fertile Crescent, eh? Well, I did see some pretty kickarse sandstorms out in Taiyuan in which the air was a thick yellow and I could not see the building 30 metres away on the other side of the road, and one or two when I found myself wondering if perhaps the skin was about to be stripped from my face. I am aware of some pretty big sandstorms hitting Beijing, but I’ve managed to avoid them all. The one spring I spent in Tianjin only added to my contempt for the city- you call THIS a sandstorm?!?! But Taiyuan is definitely the driest of those three cities.

    Regards warmth, it’ll start getting pleasant towards the end of April, hot towards mid-June.

    Time? 9 years in China, 8 of those in the north- 1 year each in Taiyuan and Tianjin, the rest in Beijing. Yeah, the climate sucks, but you adapt, and there’s so much more to keep you happy, engaged and interested.