Alright, people, this is getting silly. As others have pointed out, it’s one thing for an Iraqi man to throw his shoes at the man responsible for the state his country is in, quite another for people with no direct involvement in the issues they claim to be protesting to go throwing shoes around.

Now it’s Israel’s ambassador to Sweden, but not just a shoe, apparently other objects, too (the escalation). And the thrower is a better shot than that loser in Cambridge, and Mr Ambassador’s shoe-dodging gongfu isn’t as good as Bush’s- apparently he was hit by one of the objects. This article does not identify the shoe-throwers except to say a 35-year old man and  a 25-year old woman were arrested. The accompanying video starts with what appears to be some kind of argy-bargy, then the camera flips round to the shoe-thrower, but blacks him out- I can only assume some Swedish law means he can’t be identified. And despite the flag at the end of the video, it certainly seems the people making the noise are shouting in Swedish- although the sound quality isn’t clear and I have to admit I don’t speak Swedish.

Anyway, this really is getting a bit silly. Could everybody please just keep their footwear on and find more intelligent ways to express themselves?

2 Responses to “more shoes, a hit, and an escalation”

  1. Yaakov Sullivan Says:

    I like the idea. My ex boyfriend is a high schoolteacher and I am thinking to come to his class and through my shoes at him.

  2. wangbo Says:

    Well, make sure you take an old pair of shoes to throw. Wouldn’t want you to lose a good pair of shoes and have to make your escape in bare feet.