Not now. I mean, my country is starting to scare me. I’m sure a large part of it is the inevitable nuttiness in the run-up to an election with a tired, old government that desperately needs to be kicked out so that party finally gets the message that it needs to clear out the deadwood and let some fresh blood- and life- back in. Yeah, and the opposition has absolutely nothing to offer. Government by an Aussie PR firm, anyone? Thought not.

And it’s annoying that despite all its faults and its ever more cack-handed, ham-fisted handling of the issues, the current Labour-led government is actually doing a lot of good for the country.

And the complete irrationality and herd-mentality of my compatriots is really disturbing. Sometimes I think what the Aussies say about us Kiwis and sheep must have some truth to it, considering how easy it is to get so many Kiwis to fall in behind any loud-mouth- even one with the charisma, personality and intelligence of dead mullet will do, so long as he shouts loud enough about the terrible state of New Zealand society.

And never mind the fact, proven numerous times in a multitude of ways, that despite the “sins” of the Labour Party, New Zealand remains one of the best places in the world to live and actually seems to have gotten still better over the last 9 years of Labour-led governments. No, never let facts get in the way of a good rant about how terrible life is.

And the sheer stupidity of ordinary Kiwis supporting the recent truckies protest! Really! Earth to the ordinary Kiwi driver: You know those truckies you normally complain about? You know, the nutjobs who make driving so dangerous? You subsidise them! Making them pay more Road User Charges is making them pick up the bill for the damage they do to the roads!

And this guy Peter Low and his Asian Anti-crime Group and his stupid, puerile threats to hire Triads as vigilantes. How ridiculous can you get? Earth to Mr Low: The police are doing their job. South Auckland’s crime rate has been going down, not up. Wellington has a higher murder rate than South Auckland. And might I politely suggest that if life in New Zealand really is so terrible and dangerous, I’m sure Singapore would be happy to welcome you home.

Alright, I haven’t set foot in New Zealand for, ummm, five and a half years? Quite a while, anyways. But everything I read suggests that life there is still pretty good, it’s one of the safest countries to be in, the air is clean, the grass is green, the water clear…. Well, New Zealand has its fair share of problems, and the environment there is not as pristine as some like to pretend, but still, it is, in fact, a safe, friendly, prosperous place to live.

So everybody, please sing along: We don’t know how lucky we are.

And in the interest of ending this rant on a positive note: There are plans to build a Chinese heritage trail in Otago.

But for the meantime, I’m going to insulate myself from all the irrational, silly nonsense in New Zealand and stay right here in Beijing.

3 Responses to “I really don’t want to go back to NZ”

  1. nick Says:

    Mr Low is an idiot. I wish our media wouldn’t give tards like this publicty.

  2. Arctosia Says:

    What Mr Low said about triads is quite likely a misinterpretation. See this :

    National really has nothing better than Labour apart from selling assets to have the quick cash to buy votes.

    But the problem is, apart from those two, people don’t really have other choices.

    I think this really opens the room for a “third party” to grow. Not in this election though.

  3. wangbo Says:

    Nick, I fear our media has been terminally dumbed-down. I’m not sure they’re capable of anything more than publicising the likes of Mr Low.

    Arctosia, I certainly hope Low was misinterpreted. That TVNZ article does muddy the waters a little. Perhaps he realised he’d overstepped the mark? Maybe the media, in their mediocrity, went too far in sensationalising his real comments? Who knows? Anyway, he strikes me as being a bit naive and inexperienced in dealing with the media.

    As for the parties, it seems to me that the smaller parties have about as much to offer as Labour and National. As much as I dislike being disenfranchised because of the length of time I’ve been overseas, I’m almost glad I’m not allowed to vote- saves me having to try and decide who’s the least bad of a very mediocre bunch.