more clang-clang cars

April 26th, 2008

And yes, I’m running with Micah‘s translation “clang-clang cars”, because it does make more sense. 新京报/The Beijing News’ Wang Cheng is back on the scene, and this article has cool shots, again by TBN’s Han Meng, of the interiors of the trams, which look beautifully retro:

But there’s a problem:

 铛铛车试跑 动力将改进

Clang-clang car test run.  Power needs to be improved


Onboard aircon, TV and other equipment have already passed testing, ecological wood flooring and real wood benches used in the cabin


Yesterday, the clang-clang cars “Qianmen No. 1” and “Qianmen No. 2” had separate test runs of 50 metres, and because they met a rise requiring more power leaving the station, Beijing Subway Car Factory workers said the next step would be to improve the trams’ traction force.


Yesterday afternoon, workers were still repairing and replacing the marble and white marble roadbed that had been cracked under the “clang-clang cars”, at the same time, inside “Qianmen No. 1” and “Qianmen No. 2” stopped at the east and west ends of the “Zhengyang Bridge” archway, technical staff were debugging the equipment in the trams, then doing a test run with each tram separately driving south for 50 metres then returning.


A worker from the Beijing Subway Car Factory said the “clang-clang cars” met a slight rise as they turned out of the station for which they needed more power to pass, and the next step would be to consider how to increase the traction power of the trams. The onboard aircon mobile TV and other equipment have already successfully passed tests.


Yesterday, after the test run of the “clang-clang cars”, workers begin installing  the flooring in the cabins, laying black wooden flooring. A worker from the Beijing Subway Car Factory said that all the flooring laid in the two trams was ecological wood, and the two rows of yellow wooden benches were also made from real wood.


According to a worker from the Beijing Subway Car Factory, yesterday was the first day of debugging the “clang-clang cars”, and later equipment such as the trams’ recharging equipment would be debugged.

 And dammit, I get half-way through this then nciku craps out again! After a day of unobstructed use!

I assume that be “ecological wood” they mean sustainably harvested wood. Interesting, then, that the article makes the distinction between the “ecological” wooden floors and the “real” wood benches. Should we take this to mean that the wood for the benches was torn from some old-growth tropical hardwood forest in blatant violation of all principles of sustainable, environmentally-friendly forest management? I hope not.

And I hope they manage to get some more power into those trams. They may be all cool and retro, but it’s just plain embarrassing if they can’t even get over a small bump when Shanghai is planning 70 km/h trams.


2 Responses to “more clang-clang cars”

  1. Micah Sittig Says:

    Aircon and mobile TV in *those* cars? Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

  2. wangbo Says:

    I dunno, I could live without the TV, I mean, what they’ve installed in the buses hasn’t really been worth watching. But then again, I’m the kind of guy who’d rather be staring out the windows at the scenery.