April 12th, 2008

So what do you reckon? Is this theme better? Grey text on white background…. should be a better contrast, right? Still not a huge difference between links and regular text, but sufficient, I think. And am I right in thinking the font is larger?

The key question, of course: Is this more readable?

7 Responses to “better?”

  1. zhwj Says:

    Much better. Thanks – now I can read your blog on-site, and not just through the RSS feed.

  2. wangbo Says:

    Thanks. Think I’ll stick with this theme.

  3. cc Says:

    Thanks Chris. I am not an artist, so I cannot comment on this change from an “artistic” point of view.

    However, you know what, I, for the first time, don’t have to rely on a magnifier to read your blog. That says something about your previous choice of webpage style as well as my interest in your blog.

  4. John Says:

    Makes a nice change of scenery, although I think black on white would be better and a more distinctive colour for the links which is just a little too close to the text colour.

    Font size is all right, and a serif font makes a pleasant change from the Arial/Helvetica Mafia.

  5. nick Says:

    Much better. Now you are able to comment on a post without first clicking the permalink.

  6. wangbo Says:

    Thanks everybody. I’m liking the change, too.

    John, I can’t do much to improve the colours, sorry.

  7. Ji Village News Says:

    Yup, much better than before.