bad press for Yanqing?

February 17th, 2008

Uh oh. Seems like some people are bringing shame on my beloved Yanqing.

[Note: This time using Chinesepera-kun, my dictionary, and nciku all together]

本报讯 (记者张汉宇)近日,很多前往延庆龙庆峡景区观看冰灯的读者致电本报热线称,龙庆峡景区周边管理十分混乱,交通指示牌不明确、私设路障、问路收费等问题显 著,给前去游玩的市民增添了很多的不愉快。对此,延庆县相关部门表示,他们将对交通指示牌予以更改,但私设路障及问路收费的状况很难管理。

Dispatch from this paper [The Beijing News/新京报] (reporter Zhang Hanyu) Recently, very many readers going to Yanqing’s Longqingxia to view the ice lanterns have sent messages to this paper’s hotline to say that the management around the Longqingxia Scenic Area is totally chaotic, traffic signs are not clear, illegal roadblocks have been set up. Problems such as charging for directions are notable, greatly increasing the unpleasantness for travelling city residents. Toward this, the relevant departments of Yanqing County have stated that they will change the traffic signs, but the situations with illegal roadblocks and demanding  money for directions are very difficult to manage.


Traffic signs are unclear

昨日上午11时许,记者驱车行至距龙庆峡1公里处的一个三岔路口时,道口交通指示牌显示直行即到龙庆峡,而 依此指示根本无法到达龙庆峡景区。据游客钱先生介绍,他前日到龙庆峡游玩时,同样遇到了此种情况。“下车问附近的村民,则要求交纳10元钱问路费。”随后 钱先生便拒绝了对方的要求,驱车行至通往龙庆峡的旧小路。“路口摆上了路障,周围村民称该条路是单行,需绕道才能进入景区。”钱先生依据村民指示,并没能 到达景区,而是来到了龙庆峡所属旧县镇。

At about 11 yesterday morning, as this reporter drove up to a junction of three roads one kilometre from Longqingxia, the sign at the intersection indicated to go straight ahead to reach Longqingxia, but relying on these directions you would absolutely not be able to reach the Longqingxia Scenic Area. According to traveller Mr Qian’s introduction of his previous trip to Longqingxia, he met exactly the same kind of situation. “To get out of the car and ask a nearby villager, the standard demand was 10 yuan for directions.” After this, Mr Qian refused the other party’s demand and drove along the old road to Longqingxia. “There was a barricade at the entrance to the road, and the villagers around it said this was a one-way road and you had to make a detour to enter the scenic area.” Following the villagers’ directions, Mr Qian couldn’t get to the scenic area, but arrived at Longqingxia’s Jiuxian Township.


Mr Qian recalls, as he finally arrived at the main gate to the scenic area, the car was again surrounded by dozens of people, all saying the car couldn’t enter the scenic area, and that to park outside the gate would cost 10 yuan. It was only after he entered the scenic area that he found out that you can drive inside, there is a carpark.


The Police say this type of situation is very difficult to manage


Yesterday morning, there was an endless stream of tourists heading to Longqingxia to view the ice lanterns. As each car pulled up to the main gate of the scenic area, scores of men blocked the car with their arms and ran up close to the car slapping on the door.

昨日,延庆县交通支队人员称,他们已接到龙庆峡附近交通指牌不明确的举报,正在联系市政部门予以解决。并称通往龙 庆峡的道路并非单行线。对于景点周围私设路障、问路收费的情况,龙庆峡派出所值班人员表示,他们经常接到游客这方面的投诉,接报后到现场时,对方就已离 开,无法逮到现行。“这种状况很难管理。”

Yesterday, a spokesman for the Yanqing County Traffic Unit stated, they had already received reports about the unclear traffic signs near Longqingxia, and were contacting municipal goverment departments to solve the problem. He also stated that the roads to Longqingxia were not one-way roads. Regarding the situations of illegal roadblocks and the demands of money for directions in the area around the scenic spot, the Longqingxia Police Station duty officer said they had already received complaints from tourists about this, and after receiving complaints and going to the scene, the other party had already left and they had no way to halt the operation. “This kind of situation is very difficult to manage.”

Yes, I am a terrible translator. I’m also irritated that people in Yanqing would pull this kind of bullshit on tourists (yes, yes, I know, Badaling… but Badaling is to Yanqing what Queenstown is to Southland and Otago). But there you go: Should you be heading to Longqingxia in your own car: Be warned. Take your own map, and don’t listen to any bullshit spouted by any peasant on the side of the road between the G110 and the main gate to Longqingxia.

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  1. Dan Says:

    Your translation is not that bad. I do the same thing at home to study. Problem is that I became too reliant on pera-kun, so I started printing the stuff out. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to translate from English to Chinese, now that would be something.

    Now, if you don’t mind me getting some ideas from you…
    Where do you think our service (nciku) succeeded in giving you the right information? Where were we lacking? Thanks!

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  2. wangbo Says:

    Dan, I just sent you an email. I’ll keep an eye out for any creeping pera-kun dependency, thanks for the warning.