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February 17th, 2008

Just because I’m using Chinesepera-kun for the first time and enjoying the added ease of access to written Chinese its giving me (it’s soooo much quicker than a dictionary), here’s another story, also from The Beijing News/新京报:

女子坠楼亡 居民绕路走

Woman falls to her death; residents make a detour

[yeah, shitty translation of the headline, good start]


Incident happened at No. 4 Xinming Hutong,  identity of the deceased is still under investigation

本报讯 (记者展明辉)前晚近8时,西城区新明胡同4号楼,一名年轻女子坠楼,当场身亡,吓得附近居民纷纷绕路而行。居民们表示,事发后,未有家属前去认领遗体,警方也未找到死者坠楼位置,其身份尚不清楚。

 Dispatch from this paper (reporter Zhan Minghui) Towards 8 the night before last, at No. 4 Xinming Hutong, Xicheng District, a young woman fell from a building to her death, dying at the scene. The frightened residents one after another detoured around her body. The residents stated that since the incident, no family member has come to claim the remains. The Police have also not found the location she fell from, and her identity is still not clear.


The incident happened in front of the door of Unit 2, on the west side of Building Number 4, Xinming Hutong. According to eyewitness accounts, towards 8 the evening before last, residents crossing the street discovered the body of a female lying on the steps. She was wearing a red down coat, her head was splattered with blood, a horrifying situation. They immediately notified the police and went home via the gates of other units. Then the Police hurried to and sealed off the scene to conduct an investigation, leading to crowds of upper-floor residents looking on.


A resident introduced the woman as about 20 years old, “She looked very petite, you’d think she’s only a wee girl from the first look.” Half an hour after the incident, still no family member had arrived and they hadn’t found from where she fell, “You could only see that the 15th floor window was open.” Then the Police took the body away.


At about 12 o’clock yesterday [am or pm? Not clear to me], the traces at the scene had already been covered with sand, but a large bloodstain was still exposed, and the surrounding area covered in drops of blood, as well as four or five bloody footprints. The community duty officer said nobody knew the deceased, and the Police also hadn’t found her Identity Card, so the case is still under investigation.

Damn, that’s just awful.  

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