where to live?

November 23rd, 2007

I would like to provide an intelligent comment to this post from my good mate Matt, but I have been accosted by guests and it’s getting late and.. well, just follow the link. I’ll make my comment when I can. Let’s just say I don’t entirely agree with his stereotypes, although I see the reasons behind all of them. I guess I’m just to stuck in my Beijing ways. Anyway, stop by Matt’s place, leave your comment on the best place in China to live. I’m standing by my small corner of Beijing, of course, but the rest of you…..

3 Responses to “where to live?”

  1. Matt Schiavenza Says:

    One thing I should have added: a lot of people find their Chinese home by chance, and stay there because they’re comfortable and familiar with the place. Take Fuzhou for example. There’s no logical reason why anyone (save an immigrant smuggler) should desire to live there: the weather is awful, the city itself isn’t particularly attractive, it isn’t very conveniently located for travel, and it isn’t all that cheap. Yet a lot of people who end up there stay because they have friends, girlfriends, and a general comfortable familiarity with the place.

  2. wangbo Says:

    Fair point, although there are those like you and I who do a bit of wandering before settling. Still, I really would like to return to Changsha one day…. At least for a visit.

  3. John Kennedy Says:

    @Matt: That would be an interesting post as well, it’s definitely a question I get asked enough: ‘why Guangzhou?’

    I actually did leave at one point, spent a year in Hangzhou. Beautiful as it is, just wasn’t as convenient for me as Guangzhou has been.