Y’know, I’m not sure if I like sitting here listening to these two guys fix our washing machine. It’s occasionally fun, in that listening into some random discussion of whether Hebeiren eat rice or not, and whether there’s a southern/northern Hebei division on rice eating can be fun, but with all the random noises referred to in the title it’s kinda like watching some snuff version of Home Alone [I won’t link to shitty films] in which the characters actually suffer the indignities [appearing in a film with a child whose given name is actually a surnmae should be bad enough, but… ] and injuries depicted while blindfolded. No, that ain’t quite right. Overall, the experience is like watching some Hollywood “comedy” [scare quotes for obvious reasons] produced under the current Bush regime. At moments it’s funny, but not for reasons anyone involved in the production of the “comedy” thought was funny. I’m lauging at, not with, these clowns. But most of it is just random, occasionally painful, but mostly irritating noise.

It’s alright for lzh. The Party branch of her danwei has convened a meeting to study the 17th Party Congress out at some holiday resort in Changping.

The good news is the most annoying part of the layout of this apartment: The washing machine and bathroom are right by the door, therefore there is no way any washing machine repairman (or plumber, should the time come) could possibly get up to no good without making a right dick of himself and getting badly caught in the process.

Ah, yes, the really good news is that they don’t come over to fix stuff unless they know somebody’s home, judging by our experience with the washing machine. We know from experience that whoever checks the water meter opens the door and comes in themselves if nobody opens it for them. But not the repair folks.

Oh, cool, I now know that one of the repair guys graduated from high school.

Well, seems the major issue: our washing machine’s sudden inability to move, has been dealt with. Repairman number one seems to think something else isn’t quite going right. I don’t care- just get me a functioning washing machine and I’ll be happy. I’m running short  on clean undies and I don’t want to have to hand wash everything.

No, wait, they’re done, the washing machine is back in proper working order, they’ve left, it’s all good. Washing my undies now.

2 Responses to “random rumblings, mumblings, crashings, bangings and clangings”

  1. Matt Schiavenza Says:

    “The party branch of her danwei has convened a meeting to study the 17th Party Congress out at some holiday resort in Changping”

    Sounds like a barrel of laughs! I shudder to imagine how much energy and time is wasted in China doing these sorts of things.

  2. wangbo Says:

    Oh, I’m sure everybody had a rollicking good time.