fog, still

October 27th, 2007

This morning didn’t so much dawn as wade through the thick fog that is still shrouding Beijing. I thought I’d woken up absurdly early, it was so dark, but checked the time and saw that it was actually quite a reasonable time to be awake.

Not good. Very not good. We’re supposed to be heading up to Yanqing today. The fog seems to be clearing up slightly, so hopefully the buses are running. But we need to get there soon, one way or another. For starters, the weather will soon be getting cold, and most of our winter clothes are still up in the village. We’ll be needing them here before too long.

Anyway, time for a typically late weekend breakfast, then we’ll see.

2 Responses to “fog, still”

  1. China and I Says:

    Beijing is full of mystery. Yesterday was quite warm and foggy but today was sunny with clear sky but cold and windy. What will be tomorrow?

  2. wangbo Says:

    If today is Sunday, it was absolutely brilliantly crystal clear up in Yanqing this morning, the kind of weather I’ve seen maybe two or three times since I was last in New Zealand. I was not happy to be getting on the bus back to dusty, diesel-fumed Beijing, but I have to work. Bills must be paid, after all.