October 13th, 2007

I broke the keyboard. And now for some reason blogtown is unavailable.

The university-supplied desktop  has been getting slower and slower and crunchier and crunchier. This morning decided to see if I could clean it up, if maybe getting rid of some of the extra software on it and defragging would help matters. It did, mostly, it’s just that somehow in the process I killed the keyboard. Oops.

And  for some reason the internet crapped out for a couple of hours this morning. It was working fine from this end, but there was bugger all data coming back from the other end, so slow that basically nothing could be done. It seems to be working again, but with the keyboard crapped out it’s kinda difficult to enter my password, making it  even more difficult to see anything beyond the BeiGongDa homepage.

Oh well, so I plugged the laptop in and that works fine, except that it somehow doesn’t seem to realise that it is online and so the dial-up thingy keeps popping up asking me to connect.I needed to update AVG, anyway.

Ah, well, the blogtown homepage  will open, but it’s taking a hell of a long time to sign in. No, wait, signed in. Can I get beyond that, though? Very slowly.

And I might as well install open office on the laptop, too. I was quite impressed with what I saw when I installed it on that office computer.

Aha, so blogtown is coming back into business. Good.

Anyway, I should be marking assignments.

The good news is that our wedding photos are done. All ready. lzh went off to the Shadow Building to meet a friend and pick up our photos. Also, she bought a wedding dress last night. It only cost 260 kuai, bought off some woman who does a bit of freelance wedding dress trading on the side. Apparently she travels down to Suzhou, buys the dresses, brings them back to Beijing and sells them at a bit of a mark-up- obviously- but still for very cheap. Considering it would’ve cost 100 kuai to rent a dress from the Shadow Building, and we’re both thoroughly sick and tired of that place and keen to get our photos then cut off any connection we might have with them, it’s well worth spending 260 to buy the dress.

Anyway, open office is downloaded, better get offline, stop playing, and mark those bloody assignments. I much prefer teaching writing to the usual, vague oral/spoken/conversational English foreign teachers usually do, but all the extra paperwork is a pain in the arse.

2 Responses to “oops”

  1. John Says:

    I’ve just tried to read your latest post, but I’m not getting anywhere. It’s listed at the top of the RSS feeds so something is getting through, jut not the post itself.

  2. wangbo Says:

    I’m getting through ok right now, so I’m guessing it’s either technical trouble at the NZ end or some wrinkle in the matrix- agents passing by looking for Neo, or something. Party congress is on, after all.