more rambling

September 26th, 2007

And now a stiff breeze has blown up, chasing the kids and the majiang players back inside. Still no sign of rain, though….

Beijing’s weather has been kinda frustrating that way this year, though: Always the promise of rain, almost never any follow-through.

And now the wind has died down and what sounds like destruction work on something in the slum over the back- or is it renovations in one of the apartments over the wall? I have no idea, but it started with what sounded like the smashing of several windows- has resumed.

And somewhere out in the middle of all this weird weather is my wife pedalling her little, red bicycle home.

2 Responses to “more rambling”

  1. John Says:

    lzh: Hello, darling! Look what I have.
    CW: That looks like about ¥50.
    lzh: Yeah, I peddled my bike on the way home.
    CW [sighs]: How many times do I have to tell you? It’s pedalling.
    lzh: Oh.


    lzh: …and then the man said that my bike was worth twice as much, but I bargained him down.
    CW [thinking]: I bet I could’ve got him down to Â¥25.

  2. wangbo Says:

    Dammit! Correcting my spelling right now!