80s nostalgia

July 27th, 2007

Thanks, Micah, for finding this photo essay, and translating it. And at the bottom of Micah’s translation, he links to another piece of nostalgia. Actually, I really like that last one, some of the captions are brilliant. I won’t put the photos in this post, you can follow the link and see them yourself, but here’s a couple of examples of the captions:


At that time people wore a “kerchief” to look beautiful, by and large it had nothing to do with sandstorms.


At that time, the words written on bare walls by and large were not “demolish”.


At that time the crowds going to Tiananmen by and large couldn’t wave their hands about as they pleased.

So my translation is crap as per usual, but nevertheless, I think these short, little captions capture quite well a lot of the changes in Chinese society and the environment over the last thirty-odd years. Following the link and looking at the photos will show you even more.

Anyway, very interesting photo essays. Thanks, Micah, for finding these.

2 Responses to “80s nostalgia”

  1. John Says:

    Those are a couple of fascinating links. I assume that one of the pictures in the first essay is the view from the Fragrant Hills as it was before they touristified the place.

  2. wangbo Says:

    I didn’t recognise any of the places, but you may well be right.