July 26th, 2007

So after a bit of random googling I came across this thing called blogdesk which is supposed to help me write my blog from offline, or something. So here I am trying it now. So far I’ve found it almost as difficult to change the default dictionary from American to English as in Word, but I hardly ever use spellcheck anyway, so who cares? And I really don’t see how using this will actually help my blogging. I guess if I installed it on my laptop instead of the university-supplied desktop, it might be more useful, but wireless means there aren’t too many places I can’t get online, and it’s writing offline that seems to be the really huge advantage of using an offline blogging thingy like blogdesk. Anyway, this is the first test post using blogdesk. So far it seems to be working alright. Let’s see if it actually posts this, though.

6 Responses to “Blogdesk”

  1. stuart Says:

    Have you tried Windows Live Writer? It’s by far by favourite blogging tool and should work well with Blogtown NZ.

    Cheers – Stuart.

  2. wangbo Says:

    Live Writer was what sparked off that googling, but I was less impressed with the reviews. So far I don’t think blogdesk is quite all it’s cracked up to be, so maybe I’ll have another look at Live Writer. One thing about Live Writer that does impress me is the number of glowing reviews it’s recieved considering it’s a Microsoft product.

  3. John Says:

    I’ve just started using Live Writer myself. Considering what I want when I’m blogging, it’s got my seal of approval so far. It’s got a little bit more to offer than Spaces’ online editor, and as I said of it, I can insert pictures into the body of the text, and pasting Chinese characters from charmap is a straightforward matter.

    I’m not a big subscriber to the “It’s MS; ergo, bad” school of thought.

  4. wangbo Says:

    I try to avoid MS, myself, but I’m open to the possibility they can produce something decent every now and then. And I have to say I have no complaints about XP, even if certain of their other products irritate me. Anyway, John, it was you that got me googling Live Writer. Actually, I think I will download it and give it a go. As I said in my reply to Stuart, blogdesk turns out to not be all it’s cracked up to be.

  5. stuart Says:

    Ha ha – yes, I see your point about wanting to avoid MS stuff. But this is really a great product – I’ve tried a bunch of other blogging apps and none come close.

  6. wangbo Says:

    Downloaded it yesterday, so far I’m impressed.