July 26th, 2007

Another one of those


                                                                                                     stories. “Hospital sued over boy’s death“, says the headline. Go check out the story for yourself. Let’s just say that had it any child of mine whose life the doctors in question were playing with, this:

The artificial heart soon began to fail and it is alleged doctor Liu Zhongming with the hospital suggested a stem cell transplant, claiming it would make the boy’s own biological heart re-grow.

is about the point where Dr Liu would’ve become a long-term, high-dependency patient of his own hospital. And that’s assuming my patience would’ve lasted that long. But this story only gets worse.

So go, people, sue, and keep suing until you own the hospital and all of Dr Quack Liu’s assets.

5 Responses to “another”

  1. John Says:

    Bloody hell.

    The involvement of a German company is all too similar to the recently resolved case of the Bulgarian nurses in Libya who, in spite of being freed, do seem to have been as guilty as hell of medically unethical practices.

    I have to wonder how many other foreign medical companies might be using Chinese hospitals to conduct “research” or “testing”. I know from some of the online research I’ve done on some of the medicines that I’ve bought here, a lot of them are banned by the FDA in the States.

  2. wangbo Says:

    It’s not the first time I’ve read of a foreign company or research organisation of some kind getting caught doing less than ethical research in China. They’re no different from any other MNC really, one of China’s big drawcards is the relatively lax regulatory environment (he says trying desperately to sound like he knows something about business).

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  4. John Says:

    Meanwhile, spotted on Reuters just now

    China seizes 18,000 fake Viagra pills in raids

    Perhaps they were made of cardboard. No, i shouldn’t say that because then it’ll probably turn out the drugs were fake fakes.

  5. wangbo Says:

    John, if you’d told me earlier you were in the market for such pills, I would’ve put you in touch with a friend of mine who had all the precursor chemicals ready to make his own.