Is the news that the story of the fake baozi being faked itself faked? Have we gone from fakes to fake fakes to fake fake fakes? Or did somebody slip something a little funny into my jiaozi? Why do I get the feeling that I am, in fact, living inside the bastard child of Catch 22 and Kafka’s entire oeuvre with Salvador Dali looking on approvingly?

2 Responses to “and more boggling of the mind”

  1. John Says:

    Don’t even think about it. Step away from the publicly displayed newspapers, and switch the computer off.

    (BTW, this is a fake comment.)

    (Actually, it’s a fake fake comment.)

    (All right, it’s a fake fake fake comment.)

  2. wangbo Says:

    It seems all the publicly displayed newspapers have been torn down by the neighbourhood baozi seller… nobody told him that paper baozi are too obviously fake.