July 17th, 2007

I’m trying, but so far not really succeeding, to find out if the 红巾军起义 has an established, accepted English name. Wikipedia was not helpful. My history books are all up in the village. Google seems to think I only want search results written entirely in Chinese. I think I’m just going to have to make up my own English name and hope somebody comes along to correct me.

3 Responses to “grr”

  1. University Update - Google - grr Says:

    […] Link to Article google grr » Posted at bezdomny ex patria on Monday, July 16, 2007 grr July […]

  2. Brendan Says:

    I’ve seen it done as the “Red Turban Uprising,” I think, after the 黄巾 Yellow Turban uprising earlier.

  3. wangbo Says:

    Ahh, that sounds familiar. And wikipedia seems to agree.