The plot thickens

July 9th, 2007

Well, kind of.

So when lzh got home yesterday evening I told her what I’d been up to. She said, well, of course you’d be better off researching Shanxi. She’s got a point there- her family fled Shanxi and settled in Yanqing a few hundred years back because of war. Apparently her father knows which part of Shanxi they fled from, lzh told me once but I forgot, and I believe they have a rough idea of how long ago the family fled. Anyway, for the moment I’m going to focus on Yanqing, then I’ll look into Shanxi and see what I can see about the l family history.

Incidentally, I kind of indirectly worked with a guy in Tianjin (he’s a 语文 teacher at that school) whose surname and family history are virtually identical.

Then I told lzh I’d discovered these Shanrong people, and she said, yeah, there’s a Shanrong tomb only 5 or 6 li (2.5 – 3 km) from her village. Wow, so it seems everybody in China knows the Shanrong people, but nobody outside China has any idea. Anyway, that has piqued my interest even more.

Anyway, I’m still in my early morning fug and it’s taking some time to fully wake up, but when I get caffeinated and get some energy together I’ll try pulling some of this stuff I found yesterday together and turn it into a blog post. I’ve also decided that all the posts I do on Yanqing’s history I’ll put on a separate page to make it all easily accessible.

Hehe, the miracles of instant messenger. I just asked lzh which part of Shanxi her family came from. The answer is one I should not have ever forgotten: 红æ¡? (umm… shouldn’t that be 洪洞?) Yes, as in the brick kiln slavery scandal. And a few hundred years ago? No, roughly the end of the 19th century. Ok, got myself a good start for when I start to look at the l family history.

4 Responses to “The plot thickens”

  1. John Says:

    First there was Indiana Jones. (“Careful, scientific excavation? Hell no! I’m just here to pinch the good stuff and shag the babe.”)

    Then there was Lara Croft. (“Do these trousers make my boobs look small?”)

    Now there’s Chris Waugh, a historical researcher for the 21st century. (“All my info was meticulously excavated off teh Internets.”)

  2. wangbo Says:

    Meticulously? I’m insulted.

  3. John Says:

    It was either that or “meretriciously”, but the handwriting was hard to read.

  4. wangbo Says:

    Yeah, that and it’s harder to spell.