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June 15th, 2007

Lonnie of One Man Bandwidth seems to be involved in a variety of charity projects- and good on him, too- and now he’s starting up The China Dreamblogue, which aims to raise money for The Library Project, which aims to provide books to under privileged schools and orphanages in Asia, and Volunteer English Teachers, which sends volunteer English teachers on short-term stints in poor villages in Guangxi.

So The Meme is up- which seems to be a way of generating traffic, which makes sense considering the Dreamblogue is trying to raise money through blog ads, therefore the more traffic it gets, the more money goes to those charities. It’s an odd kind of a meme, the meme simply seems to be to add it to your Technorati favourites- which, oddly, seems to actually work on this side of the Firewall- link to the Dreamblogue, and tag five people to do the same. Well, I managed the first two steps. The third one is difficult. I mean, first of all Lonnie seems to have tagged pretty much the entire blogosphere already. Secondly, who can I trust? Anyway, I’ll sift through the list of tagged bloggers, which includes me (first time I’ve ever been tagged for a meme in over three years of blogging) and see who I can add.

I mean, rural education in China is something that interests me and a cause I wouldn’t mind getting involved in.

So, I am tagging:

  1. Brendan O’Kane
  2. John Pasden
  3. Green Bamboo
  4. Matt Schiavenza
  5. Micah Sittig

Well, that’s the five requested. Now I guess I sit back and see if any of them are paying attention. And of course, assuming any of those five read this, there is no obligation to take part in this.

And actually, having sifted through the list of tagged bloggers several times, I can think of a few more who could perhaps use a tag or two.

Oh, and before I forget, the Dreamblogue wants your dreams:

“A major part of this journey is about creating a space where people can blog their dream—whether these are dreams for themselves, dreams for someone else, or educational dreams they want to fill. There is a Chinese superstition that if you talk about bad things, they will come true. We believe that if you share your dream with others, you are willing it into being. Send your dreams to us at the blog of dreams, anonymously or not. We will post them and do our best to help them come true through the give-aways we sponsor, the resources of the Dreamblogue community, and the corporate sponsors we have asked to fund a few of the dreams that come to our blog.”

“Send us your dream(s) in any format (mp3, video, text,YouTube, photo…any way we can put it on the blog), and send them to dreamblogue at”

Now I’m not overly sure, but judging by this:

“The Dreamblogue is a simple concept. After a specified period of time (maybe once a month or once a quarter), we’ll select a contributor who will win a prize donated by one of our charitable sponsors.”

So if you send in your dream you might win a prize. Personally, I wouldn’t be too comfortable taking a prize from a charitable project, even if it was donated, but still, there it is…

3 Responses to “The Dream Blog”

  1. Brendan Says:


  2. lonniebhodge Says:

    Thanks…First stop is Tibet in a couple of weeks…

    Two colleges have given us 3-years scholarships to give away to Chinese students who blog their dreams…More on that one later…

    Hey from GZ!


  3. wangbo Says:

    @Brendan: Cheers.

    @Lonnie: Sounds good. There’s not a lot I can do to support you, but what I can do, you have it. All the best, mate.