Taihu, again

June 12th, 2007

So it seems the Taihu crisis isn’t over yet. Some experts are seriously disappointed with the efforts made to clean up the lake.

Update: There’s more: Now a deadline to clean up the lake.

China has ordered all towns around Taihu, the lake that was covered with a foul-smelling algae last month, to establish sewage treatment plants and insisted that chemical factories meet a new water emission standard by the end of June 2008.

2 Responses to “Taihu, again”

  1. John Says:

    Let’s hope that the measures are actually implemented. The slightly cynical side of me predicts that we’ll be reading about this story a year from now and nothing will’ve changed. Or it will’ve got worse.

  2. wangbo Says:

    Slightly cynical? What the hell is the word ‘slightly’ doing there? But yes, you’re right, I don’t think we’ll be seeing any change a year from now.