May 30th, 2007

I’m not sure where she got this information, but lzh just told me there’s a 22 year old boy in the UK who already has six daughters. The first was born when he was only 15, and his girlfriend has popped a new one out every year since then. And yes, apparently those six daughters are all with the one girlfriend. Such productivity! Those two, if they continue in this manner, will manage to solve all of Europe’s aging/declining population hassles on their own!

3 Responses to “productivity”

  1. John Says:

    And so it came to pass that Europe was populated by the Offspring of Britain’s more stupid Adolescents. In that Time, there was much Fornication without Contraception, for though the Teaching of the Church, that Contraception encouraged improper Behaviour outside Marriage, were laughed to Scorn, it was a commonly asserted Truth that you couldn’t become engorged with Child on the first Occasion. Thus misled by this Truth, many callow and easy Maidens put out, yea, even unto the seventh Generation; and there was much mewling and puking of Bastard Brats.

  2. Tom's friend Pirate Tom Says:

    It could well be true judging by the number of girls who dropped out of my comp at 15/16 to have babies. At my dad’s school they’ve had the pleasure of teaching all 14 of the offspring of one happy couple. How do they remember their names?

  3. wangbo Says:

    14?! That’s a bit excessive, I think.