early summer?

May 24th, 2007

As if an unusually hot May Day weren’t enough…. Honestly, May Day last year we went to Dalian for the week, and it was great, but in the mornings and evenings we wore jackets, which we carried with us everywhere during the daytime because the sea breeze still carried a bit of a chill. This year? Forget it. Sure, we’re not as far north as Dalian, but we spent the holiday up in Yanqing which is always a couple of degrees cooler than Beijing, and yet it was t-shirts and sandals. Even at night, which can get pretty cool even in mid-summer up there.

And now this week the weather patterns look distinctly summery. Fortunately that mid-summer blast furnace heat hasn’t hit us yet, but otherwise….. Rain, humidity, those occasional summer storms that sweep through in about half an hour….. Well, no, it’s not full on summer weather patterns, but it’s looking more like summer than I would’ve expected for this time of year.

And there are still people who pretend global warming isn’t happening……

2 Responses to “early summer?”

  1. John Says:

    The temperature definitely went up here today along with the humidity. Bit hard to tell what the temperature is exactly. If you believe the sign at the school, then 40°, although I think the sensor is badly placed and you can cut about 5° or so off that.

    Oddly enough, the rubbish air con I have actually manages to make a difference, although probably not as much as it should for the amount of energy wasted.

  2. wangbo Says:

    So they put the sensor right where it’s going to get maximum sunlight for as much of the day as possible, surrounded by as much concrete as possible so that it continues to read 40 way into the night? Sounds like a brilliant idea to me. Every time you have a class to do, you take the boss outside, show her the sign, and start talking about how there’s some regulation somewhere that says everybody has to stop work and go home as soon as the temperature hits 40.