April 29th, 2007

Wow. I seem to be getting  a lot more traffic since ANZAC Day, and a lot of people are coming here looking for ANZAC related stuff. Sorry if my rather pathetic post on the subject doesn’t help, but I think some the links there will take you in the direction you want.

It seems all this extra visibility is attracting more comment spam, though. I think this is because this blog comes up surprisingly highly on several Google searches. Anyway, it’s irritating, and I think I’m going to have to activate that Spam Karma plugin. Hopefully that won’t inconvenience any real commenters.

In other news, and I’m sure you want to know this, something I ate or drank yesterday really upset my gut. Fortunately I’ve got some medicine left over from my last round of gut trouble, but I’m not exactly sure what this stuff is or what it does. It’s effective, but I think I’m going to google it to find out what it is I’m taking. “Belladonna sulfamethoxazole” and “Trimerhoprim” sound kind of… threatening.

2 Responses to “wow”

  1. ellie Says:

    Hi i was wondering if you found anyting about those belladonna sulfamethoxazole tablets. My dad had it recently for gut problems as well. I know this blog was posted up ages ago, but i found it when i was searching for info on those tablets on google.

  2. wangbo Says:

    All I found is what is written in my blog, nothing more, sorry.