weird harmonics

December 29th, 2007

It’s half past six in the morning, I’ve been awake since about three, and not willingly, either, and the wind is still blowing outside.

I don’t know what woke me up or why I couldn’t get back to sleep, but there you go, I’ve been wide awake for several hours now. Mornings like this there comes a point where I just give up and get up and get on with my day. The internet is, after all, far more interesting than the bedroom ceiling.

But that wind, wow, it’s really been blowing all night. The wind first picked up about nine yesterday morning and was blowing through most of the day, although it started to die down in the afternoon. And then some time last night it picked up again, and boy did it pick up. It reminded me of home, Wellington, the windy city, lying there listening to this gale howl past our windows.

But there’s something, something, catching in the wind and making this weird, mid-pitched, humming-groaning sound. I can’t figure it out. We’ve had windy days here before, of course, but I’ve never heard this sound before. It sounds like it’s coming from within our building, too. It’s hard to describe, but the best I can do is to say it sounds like the wind is grabbing something metallic and pulling it real hard, threatening to tear it off the building, and the resulting sound is this energy and pressure being released in a way that does not result in that thing being torn off the building.

Ah, and now I hear the upstairs neighbours emerging for the day. Must be approaching a reasonable time to be up- if I had an eight o’clock class to run off to. Fortunately I don’t. It also means it’ll soon be time for lzh to get up and get ready for work. Yeah, office workers also have to do these silly catch-up days to make up for the holidays. I’m lucky. My timetable and my unusually logical boss have conspired to get me a very long weekend.

Well, the wind has been gradually dropping off since about five, and by the sound of it it’ll be down to something chilly, but light enough to allow lzh to ride her bike to work as usual.

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