thoroughly buggered

Just learnt a new word: 彻底/che4 di3, meaning thorough or penetrating. How? SMS. Texted lzh to find out why she wasn’t online even though she should be back in her office after lunch, her answer was “电脑彻底å??了”, which I understood fine, cos she’s been battling this fucked up lump of shit the entire time she’s been in this job, but I had to look up 彻底. So I think I’d translate her answer into 新西兰è¯? as “The computer is thoroughly buggered”.

Just so you know.

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A Kiwi teaching English to oil workers in Beijing, studying Chinese in my spare time, married to a beautiful Beijing lass, consuming vast quantities of green tea (usually Xihu Longjing/西湖龙井, if that means anything to you), eating good food (except for when I cook), missing good Kiwi ale, breathing smog, generally living as best I can outside Godzone and having a good time of it.

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