So I got up this morning feeling a bit ratty and headachy, but there’s nothing unusual there, I’ve never been a morning person, and if I have no eight o’clock class, I usually wind up getting up just after seven only because that’s when my wife leaves for work and she usually wakes me up in the process. Some days I manage to get another half hour of sleep, but usually not. But this morning I got up, had a shower, turned on the computer, got some breakfast, sat down for the usual morning routine of checking email and news, eating my porridge, drinking vast quantities of green tea, and then I realise, I have a really bad splitting headache. Like somebody driving an axe repeatedly into my skull. I soldiered on, thinking that I’d come right with food and tea, but no, it only got worse. I’d opened up blogtown thinking and get this place set up the way I want it (I got most stuff done yesterday before I had to run off to class, but there’s still a bunch of stuff left to do, and getting used to this wordpress-based system has opened up a few more possibilities, including at least one I’ve never had available to me before) but no, my headache got too bad and I had no option but to close the computer down and retreat to the bedroom to try and sleep it off. Along the way I dug up an old packet of Fenbid, checked the dates, realised it was still good for a few more months (that packet of Fenbid has been sitting in the draw for nearly three years now, but it’s still safe, so says the packet) and swallowed one.

Anyway, feeling a little better now. Nowhere near 100%, but able to function. I’ll continue setting things up here and seeing what cool stuff I can do, and I’ll get into proper blogging again hopefully this afternoon. Sorry about the delay.

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A Kiwi teaching English to oil workers in Beijing, studying Chinese in my spare time, married to a beautiful Beijing lass, consuming vast quantities of green tea (usually Xihu Longjing/西湖龙井, if that means anything to you), eating good food (except for when I cook), missing good Kiwi ale, breathing smog, generally living as best I can outside Godzone and having a good time of it.

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