grass-fed beef

December 31st, 2012

Today’s news brought what looks like a very tiny puff-piece on CQN (中国质检网 – China Qualtiy Net? can’t find an English title) about a company in Ningbo, Runsheng Food Company Ltd, selling New Zealand grass-fed beef in Ningbo. What’s the big deal? Here’s what grabbed my eye:


Grass-fed beef contains more nutrietnts than grain-feed beef, and also has less calories, cholesterol and fat than grain-fed beef.

That, plus the insistence that the cattle were raised in New Zealand pastures and that every step of the production process meets the requirements of China’s Food Safety Law, on a website owned by the 中国质检报刊社 (China Quality Inspection Press?), which is in turn owned by AQSIQ – i.e., even if it is a puff-piece, it’s in an authoritative publication – yeah, that’s the way you do it.

Healthy, nutritious, safe. Magic combo for selling food products here, and a very good way to command a higher price. It would be good to see more of this around. But there’s a definite lack of NZ produce on the shelves of my local supermarkets, and almost all the marketing I see is for infant formula.

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