October 4th, 2009

It’s half past seven on a Sunday morning. I’ve already been awake two and a half hours, but that’s how things work out here. No matter how cold or dark the sky may be, days start ridiculously early.

It’s cold, too. Yanqing County has its own climate quite distinct from downtown Beijing. Being considerably higher and drier, autumn comes earlier, spring comes later and winter is longer. I’m sure the same can be said of all of Beijing’s mountain regions, and a couple of days in early October I spent in a small village way up in Mentougou started just as cold as they do here now.

Yesterday was Mid-Autumn Festival, apparently. I say ‘apparently’ because it managed to slip by unnoticed here. For the first time ever I was not even threatened with a mooncake. Well, we have had simpler dinners than what we had last night, but even so, there was no sign of the festival.

There are, however, mooncakes in the house, and some of them have been consumed, so don’t worry.

Maybe I’ll get off my lazy arse and go for a walk later on when it warms up. I can’t spend the entire holiday online as I’ve managed to do the last 3 days.

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