I’m going to break my long silence (I’ll be very glad, and probably a lot more blogductive, when this semester’s over) with a very short, yet intriguing article in today’s 新京报/The Beijing News:


Shanxi rescues 67 kidnapped women and children

The report comes from a Xinhua release and the journalist named is one Hu Jingguo. Trouble is, it’s very short and kinda short on details. Anyway, here it is:


This reporter learned from the Shanxi Province Public Security Department that since the launch of a special “anti-trafficking” operation, Shanxi has broken 5 large criminal gangs within 40 days and rescued 67 trafficked women and children.


From April 9, when the Ministry of Public Security deployed Public Security organs throughout the country on a special “anti-trafficking” operation, to May 18, Shanxi has solved 37 cases, detained 37 people, and rescued 36 trafficked children and 31 trafficked women.

Now, this is, of course, superb news, but it leaves me hungry for more information….. Google to the rescue…. or not. Oh dear, the only Google news result is the same article published on Netease. Baidu? Hexun, this time, but otherwise just as useless. Shanxi Youth News seems to be even less helpful.

So I guess I’m just going to have to wonder about the rest of this story, all that stuff that didn’t make it through Xinhua, unless anybody out there can find any more info than I’m getting.

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