April 26th, 2009

On Friday several of us, including a former colleague who was passing through town for a few days, had lunch at the campus muslim restaurant as per usual. When we left, somebody left 1.5 yuan in three 5 mao notes on the table, don’t know why. Today I went into the same restaurant for lunch, and as I sat down, one of the waitresses ran over and saying, “Hey, didn’t you eat at that table there the other day? There was a group of you, and you sat there, right?”

“Uh, yes…”

“One of you left 1.5 yuan on the table, here it is, take it.”

“Oh, ah, ok, thanks.”

And I think that story explains a lot of why several of us foreign teachers spend so much time at that restaurant.

Trouble is, I must be spending so much time in that restaurant that I’m starting to blend into the furniture. A while later, I’m sitting there whiling away the time, when in walks one of my students. He walks right up to the fridges next to me, and only when he is standing right next to me, less than a metre away, does he realise that I’m there, jumps out of his skin, then manages a shy, surprised, “Oh! Hi!”.

And that, dear reader, is about as exciting as my day has been.

One Response to “randomness”

  1. CHRIS (China Inspection Service) Says:

    good to see a kiwi in BJ. aha… i’ve been living in NZ for last 8 years. Nice to meet you, mate. lol