lowest low, highest high

February 11th, 2009

What a curious winter! We go from the coldest December day in Beijing since 1951, with a high of minus eight point eight degrees on December 21, to the warmest day of the same period (I presume they mean February, or perhaps winter) since, once again, 1951, with a high of 16.1 degrees recorded at the Southern Suburbs Observatory at 2:48 yesterday afternoon. But that only narrowly scrapes past the 16 degrees recorded in February 2007. They’re expecting 13 degrees today and maybe a bit of rain tomorrow.

They blame the dry weather for yesterday’s high, but part of me wonders if CCTV might have contributed….

And it includes a little reminder at the end that after 110 days straight with no precipitation and everything so dry, the fire risk is still rather high. Uh, yeah, I think we all noticed.

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