killing off dirty cars

January 23rd, 2009

新京报/The Beijing News’ Ma Li has an article reporting what seems to me, at first glance, reasonably impressive numbers of “yellow sticker” vehicles (i.e. high emission, badly polluting- 百度百科 says a “yellow sticker” vehicle is a petrol vehicle only meeting National I emissions standard or a diesel vehicle that does not reach National III) taken off the roads over the ten day period from 12 January. “Taken off the roads” (淘汰, eliminated) means said vehicles are reported as having been scrapped or transferred outside of Beijing. From January 1 such vehicles have been banned within the 5th Ring Road, and they’ll be banned within the 6th Ring Road from National Day (October 1). But here’s the cool part: It’s not just the city government issuing a ban. They’re giving out subsidies to people who can show that their “yellow sticker” vehicle has been either scrapped or transferred out of Beijing. And the subsidy depends partly on how soon you take your vehicle off Beijing’s roads.


576 yellow sticker vehicles eliminated in 10 days


274 of those vehicles scrapped, peak in eliminations expected after the holiday


From the 12th of this month, work units or citizens who either scrap or send out of Beijing their yellow sticker vehicles can go to a one-stop window in each district and county’s service hall to apply for a subsidy. The municipal Environmental Protection Bureau announced yesterday that in the 10 days from the 12th, the elimination of 576 yellow sticker vehicles had been processed in all districts and counties. The relevant person in charge expects there to be a peak in the elimination of yellow sticker vehicles after Spring Festival [i.e. Chinese New Year].


Daxing District sees largest number of yellow sticker vehicles taken off roads


According to Beijing city regulations, from January 1 this year, apart from vehicles ensuring the city’s production, life and function, every kind of yellow sticker vehicle, such as those transporting waste, are forbidden from driving within the 5th Ring Road around the clock, and from October 1 they will be banned within the 6th Ring Road. At the same time, all yellow sticker vehicles scrapped or moved out of Beijing will receive a support subsidy.


The relevant person in charge at the municipal Environmental Protection Bureau said yesterday that from the 12 of this month up to the day before yesterday a total of 576 eliminations of yellow sticker vehicles had been processed, with 302 of those eliminations being moves outside Beijing and 274 scrappings. Among all the districts and counties, Daxing, Tongzhou and Haidian saw the three largest numbers of eliminations, at 105, 75 and 65 respectively.


Scrappings more than expected


“Looking at the results, the number choosing to scrap their vehicle were more than expected, nearly half as much more.” He said this was mainly because areas outside Beijing had progressively implemented the National III emission standard, making it difficult to shift vehicles out of Beijing. On another hand, citizens’ awareness of environmental protection had increased, and voluntary scrappings are increasing. At the same time, the governmental subsidy is higher, and vehicle owners are more satisfied with the amount of the subsidy.


The person in charge reminded vehicle owners that a peak in elimination of yellow sticker vehicles was expected after Spring Festival, and they should be reasonable in arranging a time and quickly go to the united service window of their district or county to undertake the relevant procedures.

■ 提醒

■ Reminder


The earlier you eliminate your yellow sticker vehicle, the higher your compensation

市环保局相关负责人称,北京黄标车淘汰政策是鼓励车主尽早淘汰,越早办理车主从经济上越合算。鼓励标准根据车型和年限,分两个阶段执 行。第一阶段的截止日是6月30日,在此之前淘汰的,鼓励资金最高可以到2.5万元,而从7月1日至年底淘汰的,鼓励资金最高为2.2万元。

The person in charge at the municipal Environmental Protection Bureau said that Beijing’s policy to eliminate yellow sticker vehicles encourages vehicle owners to eliminate their vehicle earlier, with earlier eliminations being more economically worthwhile. The standards for support are based on vehicle model and year and split into two stages. The first stage ends on June 30, and before this date the encouragement subsidy runs up to 25 thousand yuan, while from July 1 to the end of the year the maximum support subsidy will be 22 thousand yuan.

Yeah, so I used the phrase “to take off the roads” in my introduction, but the word “eliminate” in my translation. “Eliminate” is the dictionary definition and shorter and, to my mind, like “take off the road”, covers both scrapping and transferring out of Beijing.

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