January 10th, 2009

Armed police patrolling Beijing West Station? Yes, indeedy. As part of the extra security measures put on for the Spring Festival Rush (Chinese is so much more efficient at that: 春运), armed special police are patrolling Beijing West Station and Beijing Railway Station. Each station will also acquire a command car each, and as well as the special police, but every kind of police, including criminal police (ahem… presumably the equivalent of the CIB or CID) and security guards will contribute to the extra 2000 police being put on 春运 duty.

The article says nothing about Beijing South Station (fast trains to Tianjin), North/Xizhimen (S2 Line to Badaling and Yanqing as well as longer-distance trains northwestwards) or Beijing’s other smaller stations, but West and Beijing Stations are Beijing’s two main stations. And I guess the particular natures of the other stations would result in different kinds of passenger flows…. I dunno.

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