December 31st, 2008

I know I’m not the only one who’ll be glad to see 2008 shuffle off into the realm of memory. But now I see that we have to wait a little longer for 2009:


2009 will be one second “late”

WHAT?! Can’t even trust the year to show up on time anymore?


2009 will be one second “late”. Yesterday, your correspondant learned from the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ National Time Service Centre that in universal time (aka Greenwich Mean Time), the whole world will together add a leap second after the last second of 2008, and at the appointed time all the world’s clocks will be put back one second. This means 2009 will be one second “late”.

Now, I personally don’t feel a need to go into all the technical details. But I do note this sentence appearing in the article:


2008 is the longest year in 16 years.

Ya don’t say. I hadn’t noticed.

One Response to “dammit!”

  1. Kellen Says:

    worst news i’ve heard all year.