strange weather

December 1st, 2008

What strange weather! This morning we dressed assuming it would be cold outside, and yet, when I got outside it was oddly warm. And with a norwester blowing! I checked with lzh this evening and she said she also felt it warm. And Roubaozi said the same thing about lunchtime.

See, it was a year ago to the day that lzh, Roubaozi and I took my parents up to our village to meet lzh’s parents in their natural habitat. We stayed at lzh’s parents’ place for the night. It was freezing cold. Yesterday was our first wedding anniversary. The ceremony was in Yanqing County Town. It was freezing cold. My parents had arrived several days earlier, and even down in Beijing at the time it was freezing cold- although not quite as freezing as up in Yanqing, of course. My mum spent her entire two weeks in Beijing looking as cold as it is humanly possible to look without being rushed off to hospital for treatment of severe hypothermia.

But this winter? I’m sure half the reason I haven’t quite realised Christmas is just round the corner is that it just isn’t as cold as I’ve gotten used to.

And this morning just felt so warm. How could it feel warm with a norwester blowing? (before answering, please remember I’m in Beijing, not New Zealand’s Canterbury).

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