an idea

October 26th, 2008

It’s been a weekend devoid of inspiration. I haven’t done much, and nothing in the news is grabbing my attention. One of those weekends where the brain has automatically gone into some kind of safe mode, keeping the vital functions running while closing down the extras. I probably needed such a weekend. Anyway, nothing, beyond that dry, cool wind, crystalline air and hard, blue sky, has grabbed my attention. And then, on a blog I rarely visit, I find a post, on a topic that bores me to tears at the best of times, that sets synapses firing. More specifically, the second half of the post, which begins like this:

One suggestion came up a few times during the ongoing financial discussions I have heard: setting up a truly global currency.

Yeah! And call it the Atlas! And if some complain that would be too Eurocentric, remember that the Mother of All Global Sports Events is the Olympic Games, in which even North Korea willingly and enthusiastically participates. Reading through the rest of that post I discover some people far more knowledgeable about matters economic and financial have been discussing the idea, which is good, because it makes a damn sight more sense to me than using the US dollar (or any other country’s currency, for that matter) as some kind of global standard. I mean, under the current system, the majority of the world’s people are left with no choice but to trust the American people to elect a halfway competent government, and look where that’s got us. A global system would allow the whole world to put forward the best and the brightest they have to offer, and as no one country would be able to dominate, there would be an automatic check to prevent any one country going all stupid and ruining it for the rest of us.

Just some silly Sunday evening thots, don’t take any of this seriously.

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