lake-cleaning fish

October 23rd, 2008

Gotta be quick with this one, lunch breaks have a habit of slipping by far too fast: 新京报/The Beijing News reports that that a whole lot of filter-feeding fish are going to be released into the Yuanmingyuan (Old Summer Palace) to clean the lake water:


60 thousand filter-feeding fish to enter Yuanmingyuan to “clean the water”


380 thousand filter-feeding fish to purify Haidian’s water environment

[Wait, nciku says 滤食 means ‘suspension feeder’, which makes no sense to me. Wikipedia to the rescue!: ‘suspension feeder’ is apparently another term for ‘filter feeder’]


At 10 am yesterday the first batch of filter-feeding fish was released into Yuanmingyuan’s Fuhai. In order to guarantee the health of the water environment, yesterday, Haidian District’s Agriculture and Forestry Committee released 380 thousand filter-feeding fish of such types as silver carp, Aristichthys mobilis, grass carp and Xingguo red carp into Yuanmingyuan’s Fuhai and Shangzhuang Reservoir to purify the water quality of the district’s lakes.

[yeah, I could use some help with a couple of those fish names. Don’t have time to find proper English names for them all]


The person responsible at the Haidian District Agricultural and Forestry Committee said that the filter-feeding fish currently being released, such as silver carp and Aristichthys mobilis (variegated carp), weigh 250 grams each. They feed by passing plankton, weed, and organic matter through a filter, reducing the amount of matter such as nitrogen and phosphorous that cause eutrophication,  increasing water clarity, improving water quality. This release accords with regulations and will not threaten native aquatic life.


The Yuanmingyuan Management Office said that the 60 thousand filter-feeding fish released into Fuhai won’t just improve water quality, but will also add to the new fish-viewing scenic spot. Because all the water in Yuanmingyuan is processed, water quality is not very good, and to avoid an algal bloom covering a large area, starting from the end of last year Yuanmingyuan applied to release algivorous insects to control the growth of algae.

It all sounds good to me. Trouble is I don’t have time to either translate this properly or do anything more than hit ‘publish’.

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