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October 8th, 2008

The carrot to match the stick of higher parking prices in the central city (and parking prices will be set at different rates in different areas) is the construction next year of five comprehensive transport hubs. 新京报/The Beijing News’ Li Liqiang reports:


Five comprehensive transport hubs to begin construction next year


13 large-scale transport hubs to be built by 2010; Yimuyuan Public Transport hub already more than half finished


Yimuyuan Public Transport Hub is already more than half finished and construction is expected to be completed next year. Yesterday this reporter learned from Beijing City Gonglian Company that at present this city still has five public transport hubs undergoing the early stages of preparation, and it is expected they will begin construction next year. 13 comprehensive transport hubs are planned to have been built by 2010.


Yimuyuan hub will connect with Line 4


The Yimuyuan hub is one of the 5 large-scale comprehensive transport hubs in this city’s key construction projects of the 11th Five-Year Plan, and is also the first comprehensive transport hub that the Gonglian company has begun construction on since its founding. According to the person responsible at the Gonglian company, when the Yimuyuan hub is built, it will become a modernised large-scale comprehensive transport hub serving the northwestern regions of Beijing.

该枢纽总建筑面积1.8万平方米,建筑高度11.5米,其中地上两层,地下一层,可满足10万人次的换乘需求。地 面一层设计为公交换乘大厅和站台,采取半岛式换乘形式,公交换乘大厅与站台直接相连,设有到、发车位25个,可容纳20条公交线路车辆和约7000人同时 到发。地下一层安排了与地铁4号线的换乘通道,并设有公共车库,可停放机动车50辆、自行车1500辆。

The total construction area of this hub is 180 thousand square metres, the height of the construction will be 11.5 metres, with two storeys above ground and one under ground, and it will be capable of handling the interchange needs of 100 thousand person-times. The ground floor will be built as a bus interchange hall and platform, adopting the peninsula-style interchange mode. The interchange hall and platform will be directly linked and will have 25 spaces for arriving and departing vehicles. It will be capable of holding the vehicles of 20 bus routes and handling the simultaneous arrivals and departures of 7000 people. The basement level has been arranged to hold an interchange with subway Line 4 and will contain a public carpark capable of holding 50 motor vehicles and 1500 bicycles.


At present, 55% of the overall Yimuyuan hub project is complete. Also, the follow-up  installations at the Dongzhimen Transport Hub and Beijing South Station hub are still under construction.


It is reported that Beijing will build 33 transport hubs of every kind, of which 13 will be large-scale comprehensive transport hubs.


P + R model to be first used at Tiantongyuan North Station

市民驾车换乘地铁,使用公交IC卡享受一次2元的停车费优惠政策。2007年,这种“P+R”的换乘方式在我国首次开始应用。对此,公 联公司负责人介绍,天通苑北站P+R停车场运营以来,现在每个工作日泊位使用率均超100%。今年,天通苑北站P+R停车场完善后,车位达436个。此 外,拥有140个车位的通州北苑站P+R停车场也投入使用。

Citizens who change from their cars to the subway will enjoy the preferential policy 2 yuan per time parking fee when they use their public transport IC card. This P + R interchange method first came into use in China in 2007. Regarding this, the person responsible at the Gonglian company said that since the P + R carpark came into operation at Tiantongyuan North Station, the usage rate of each space had on average exceeded 100% on every work day. When the P + R carpark at Tiantongyuan North Station is completed this year, it will have 436 parking spaces. Also, the 140-space P + R carpark at Tongzhou Beiyuan Station has come into service.

This is followed up with a related article by the same author on the start of construction on the South Station’s North Plaza and return to work on 24 city streets. It’s all a bit technical for me, but of the 24 roadworks projects, only 10 are within the Fourth Ring Road. There is a list of those ten projects after the article, and they are:

  1. The road network around Beijing South Station;
  2. Futong Dong Dajie;
  3. Guangqu Lu;
  4. Nanmalian Dao;
  5. Chengshousi Lu;
  6. Second phase of Beitucheng Dong Lu;
  7. Gaoliangqiao Lu [Sorghum Bridge Street, what a cool name];
  8. Majiabao Dong Lu;
  9. Xicui Lu;
  10. The roads outside the Dongzhimen Transport Hub.

It doesn’t say what the 14 roadworks projects outside the Fourth Ring are.

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