October 1st, 2008

The problem we had in the HP laptop we bought at the end of the summer has resurfaced. I opened it up this morning and once again, the light at the back of the screen failed to turn on. It’s damn near impossible to use a laptop without that light going, you can only just barely make out the outlines of the biggest, brightest things on the screen. I’m guessing the cable that powers that light has come unstuck again. This is most irritating.

Fortunately Didi left the old Lenovo that we passed on to him up here. Even more fortunately, I somehow neglected to delete all my bookmarks in Firefox, meaning I have easy, easy access to all the websites I would normally visit without having to remember addresses- all but those I’ve found in the last month or two, that is, but I’m sure that won’t make much of a difference.

Unfortunately Didi doesn’t listen too well and installed QQ and other shitty malware-supplying software…. I’ll have to give him a damn good talking too next time I see him.

Unfortunately HP customer service is not serving customers over the holiday. lzh phoned the guy we bought it off and he said take it in on Monday and he’ll sort things out with HP and fix it as well as it can be fixed. Monday lzh has work and I have a full day of classes, so I guess it’ll have to wait till Tuesday afternoon.

In the meantime, it’s still possible that the minor jolts and vibrations involved in being packed up and put away and then taken out, set up, and opened again might knock the cable back into place, rendering the HP useable again. That’s happened before. It’s most embarrassing when you take it into the shop and the problem you want to complain about and have fixed doesn’t materialise. Anyway, we’ll see, and regardless of whether it starts working properly again or not, I will insist on having it properly fixed up next Tuesday.

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