September 24th, 2008

Such a wet autumn! Strange. I would’ve expected the weather to be slowly drying out, but no, the rain keeps coming.

Oh no, I’m not complaining. Rain is good. Any kind of precipitation is good in the parched north. Well, almost. Precipitation that causes no damage is good. Hail would be bad, as it tends to smash things up, and that’s bad.

But I’m not sure this autumn rain is all good. I mean, an awful lot of people have crops to be harvesting right about now. I’m not sure exactly how rain affects the harvest, but in past National Day holidays up in Yanqing I’ve noticed rain tends to mean people sitting around the house instead of heading out to the fields to bring in the corn.

And well, Wednesday afternoon, and Prince Roy seems to have pried open quite a can of worms, and three quarters of my weekly teaching-load is done… Oh, wait, not this week. Catch-up classes for the National Day break this weekend. Damn. Saturday is a Monday meaning I have my biggest day twice this week. But never fear- I have a cunning plan. I have in my possession a film which is directly relevant to the theme chapter we’re up to and which should be good for sparking some extra discussion. We shall see.

Enough of this silly rambling.

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