more hybrid taxis?

September 16th, 2008

On a quick run around to the supermarket just now I saw another hybrid taxi- except that this one wasn’t a Chery like the others I’ve seen and read about. It was a wagon in the Odyssey style, but not so big, and of its own design (i.e. I don’t mean to imply it was a rip-off of any other car). Fortunately, it stopped right outside the supermarket just before I got there, so I got a quick look at the badges. Chang’an, I could see, but I couldn’t see what model. A quick google shows there is a Chang’an hybrid- the Jiexun. But the photos I’m seeing so far were taken from the front, but I saw this car from behind.

At first glance the Chang’an website doesn’t seem very friendly, but we’ll see…. Ah, getting closer (the English version could use a little more info…. and a better name). Don’t see any mention of a hybrid version in either language, though.

So, no luck finding any info on this car on Chang’an’s on website. I guess if you want to know more you’ll have to sift through the articles on that google above or try this one with more specifically about hybrid taxis in Beijing. All I can say is that I saw a Chang’an Jiexun hybrid taxi on the road for real today, and that the more, the better.

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