on the road back… soon

September 15th, 2008

So in maybe half an hour, we’ll be heading back into Beijing.


We hadn’t been back in the village for two months, and all we get now is a long weekend. Oh well, it’s been good, and National Day isn’t far off… although we won’t be able to spend the whole week up here.

No staring at the moon last night. At about seven last night a kick-arse huge thunderstorm broke over us and for about half an hour the rain fell so heavily it looked like God had turned on a giant fire hose and cranked it up to maximum pressure. Then the storm moved on, but the rain kept falling, albeit at a more reasonable rate. But it was an impressive storm. Just before the rain started I went outside for a leak and to wash my hands for dinner (yes, in that order). There was lightning all around, but mostly to the west and north, and each flash would light up the night sky, so that we were constantly flashing between nighttime darkness and bright-as-day but eerie purple light. It was a pretty awesome sight.

Anyway, in half an hour or so we’ll be walking down to the highway to get the bus into the county town to hopefully beat the crowds for the bus back to Beijing.


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