closing ceremony

September 7th, 2008


Yeah, it wasn’t much. I liked the kids in Tiananmen Square doing the countdown, that was cool. And the guy in the wheelchair hoisting himself up to light the flame was a million times better than Li Ning’s Superman impression. But oompaloompas on speed dressed in condoms? Doing some weird chaotic dance? wtf? I think the Paralympians were short-changed. Yeah, I was really disappointed with that.

Still, two TVs- ours and Roubaozi’s- being broken didn’t help much. We wound up having to watch the online broadcast on Roubaozi’s computer- had we thought things through we should’ve come back here and watched it on our big computer. And watching that broadcast meant having to install something from Sogou- I hope Roubaozi remembered to uninstall it as soon as we were done watching- which meant seeing just how anal Vista can be with endless warnings and requests for permission.

Anyways, disappointing. Zhang Yimou showed with the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics just how awesome a show he can put on. Seems like his Paralympics opening ceremony was a mere afterthought. Disappointing.

Still, the kids in Tiananmen Square and the lighting of the flame were cool.

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